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White Lake Beach Resort



  • Due to our liability insurance policy, we CANNOT allow certain breeds of dog on our property. Dogs with any of the following breeds in their lineage may NOT be brought onto the premise, whether staying or visiting. Those breeds are: Pit Bull, American Staffordshire Terrier, Rottweiler, Doberman Pinscher, Wolf Hybrids. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes our guests.

  • There is no lifeguard on duty at our beach. Swim only in designated areas, and at your own risk.

  • Please know where your children are at all times and ensure they are safely supervised. Use of pier, beach, and playground equipment should be supervised and is likewise at your own risk.

  • Please, NO SMOKING on the beach, bar, restaurant, hotel, Chalet, Abbies 1 and 2, or Pine Knot.

  • Fires are only permitted in fire pits. There is a $50 environmental fee for starting a fire on the ground or beach.

  • State Law Statute 125.36 prohibits outside beverages in retail licensed premised. No carry-ins allowed in the bar/restaurant OR on the outside patio during Bar business hours.

  • Park on the designated areas only, not on the grass, lawns, or beach.

  • Clean up after your pets. Dogs should be controlled or on a leash at all times. State Law prohibits dogs on the beach and in the water in a marked swimming area.

  • No glass on the beach, PLEASE.

  • All guest boats must register with the office: please either rent a boat slip on our new guest boat pier, or remove your boat when you are not using it.

  • State law prohibits fireworks on the resort or golf course property for environmental, fire, and safety reasons.

  • Firearms are not permitted anywhere on resort public property and grounds. If you have brought a firearm it must remain in your cabin at all times.

  • Damage other than normal wear-and-tear will be assessed and fined accordingly and may result in the guest not being invited to return. We reserve the right to add additional charges to the card left on file for security, to cover (including but not limited to) room charges left unpaid, damages and excessive cleaning charges.

  • Please take time to clean your unit before checkout. Excessive uncleanliness will subject to cleaning fees and/or may result in the guest not being invited to return.


Please Remember!
We are very concerned about our guests’ safety and comfort here at the resort. This is our home, and your home-away-from-home. We hope you will treat it like your home, with all the respect and care you show there. The other guests here are your friends and neighbors. We ask that you remember the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”

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